Hi I have an old High Country single cam bow that has a set draw length at 30 inches ( max size for this model) and I am wanting to see if I could extend that to fit a friend that has arms like a gorilla.
I have added a few twist to the buss cable and taken a few away from the string but it still needs a bit more for him to be comfortable.
Just wondering if getting a longer string made would be a major issue ... either half an inch or a full inch.
I realize that its not ideal to play around with what the designers intended and I realize that it will have an effect on the cam timing etc but to what extent?
Another half to 3/4 inch is all im after.....also dont want to lengthen the D loop.
Would it increase the poundage or decrease it???
Just getting him interested in the sport and at the moment money for him is tight so an old bow is better than no bow.
Anyway any advice would be appreciated.