So for the past 11 weeks I have been shooting a Tuesday night indoor league. Well the past weekend I got back my hunting bow from the repair shop and since I am sick of winter and ready to start the 3D season I decided that I would switch from the indoor bow to the hunting bow... Well I knew there would be an adjustment and I had to sight it in. I am shooting a new poundage, strings, limbs, and stabilizer on the hunting bow so I figured there would be a slight adjustment period. On average I am a 285-293 shooter so I thought if I can hit 275-280 I would be good and within a week or 2 I would be right back around 290. But last night it seemed that no matter what I did I kept shooting low, so I would move my sight down. That would work for 3 arrows and then low again... finally one round I shot a 12 (out of 25). I was thinking WOW never in my mind can I really be doing this bad, THEN it hit me. I notice that my drop away arrow rest was coming loose and it was barely lifting my arrow off my bow. It was so low that it almost fell off and would have only been held on by the rip cord. I felt kind of dumb, but also VERY relieved. After fixing that sighting in again my last round I shot a 93, but then again I shot about an extra 30 arrows than normal. Hopefully next week will give me a true image of the adjustments, the goal is a 290 round.