This bow is in mint condition and has awesome competition sights. comes with 3 stabilizers, 6 1970 easton X7 1516 arrows with real feathers, 2 original strings, and a case. I want to sell or trade for a hoyt or other parallel limb bow that is almost new. This vintage, mint condition competition bow is from 1970 and shoots great! many pics on my facebook page. Again 1970 fred bear fascor takedown recurve. you won't find one this nice with all the extras. serious inquiries only. call 918-948-4004 for info. This bow goes for over $500 easily and Jane Johnson is interested but, I need a parallel limb. The arrows are worth $36 a piece. I'm not asking that much i just want to trade. I will sell though. These bows are favorites of some competition shooters. Let me know.

Aaron Snyder