Ok, Danny is ready to start setting targets this week. He has prepped the lanes and stood bow racks. Who is planning on being there this weekend. this is always a fun place to shoot. Slopes, flats, tunnels, down hills.
This is the first leg of the Oklahoma GrandSlam. and the first chance for a shot at a Black Buckle. 16 chances and only the winners have the chance to continue the quest. Everyone else will begin the attack to knock them out. Win all four you win the Black Buckle. Lose even one now the race is for the Gold most combined points for all four events. If you are not in the race for the Gold GrandSlam over all buckle, then take your revenge and steal the Gold State buckle at the four and final leg. Lets get it on!!!!
Directions to this event. From the Ada, Wal-mart/Jack in the Box. Go east to the T first sign will be there, North to the next T second sign will be there, east to third and final sign. In the drive and down the hill, to the shop Registration inside.