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    Default South Central Wisconsin Archers MAC 4/23-4/24

    Boy what a windy weekend. Scores should be much lower this weekend. Sunday morning we had 34 degree temps and wind gusts that had to be 30-40mph.

    At times it was tough just keeping the arrow on the rest and get the shot off. Talk about wind drift. We saw some shots drift about 8 inches from where they should have landed.

    The shoot, the facilities, the targets were all excellent. They made the MBO class work. There were some tough shots. Lots of hills. It was fun and educational.

    Way to go guys you put on a top notch shoot. Now if you could just do something about the weather!

    In case you would like to check them out. Their website is
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    Loved the course. Lots of valley shots that made you say hmmmm!
    That club is on the list for prospective hosts for the trail next year for sure. I'm fairly new to 3-D but that is the most fun I've had shooting a course yet.
    The MBO stakes definately gave us a workout, with the wind and all.



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