The Creed has arrived, I have tuned it to where it shoots X's at thirty and twenty yards pretty well. I have the all black riser with camo limbs @ 27" draw @60lbs.

My review on this bow, I like it okay, was the price of $836 plus tax=$950.16 wroth!
The same set up as to parts I took off my Reezen with 70lbs limbs and shooting the 340 spine 404gr. fatboy arrow to this Creed shooting 400 spine 360gr. fatboy arrow down at the target I can't see much differences other than the speed of the arrow. Creeds speed 263 fps and Reezen 293 fps. The difference on the peep placement is huge but that could be to the short ATA putting more of angle on the string I would guess. Anyhow I'm going to try it out for a while to see....the draw weight I like the most with lighter limbs it's easier to draw it back and shoot more arrows which is always more enjoyable at the range.