Hello, my name is Jeremy Debaets and I am the Coordinator of Mineral Baptist Church Archery. We started holding 3D shoots in September of last year. It has been a huge success in my eyes over the last 9 months. Thru sponsorship with local businesses, we have been able to purchase our own targets first of the year. Currently we have 12 lanes that range in the distance of 30 yards and less. We do all of it on donations only. The important thing for us is to get families and friends outdoors each month instead of the couch. We average about 25-35 shooters each month. The question I have it where to go from here! How do I continue to grow the program on a donations only / small town sponsorship budget? Along with that, we use caution tape around our targets to create safe zone for arrow retrieval, is there ways you help to maintain your 3D shoots safe? I am looking for any advice really about 3D shoots. How you laid it out, how you handle safety, how do you maintain targets for longevity, how do you maintain your attendance and continue to encourage new attendees? Does anyone use raised platforms? If so, are there regulations required to be followed and how do you keep people off of them when the shoot is not taking place. I will stop talking now, but any help is very much appreciated.