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    Default PSE Octane Tuning.

    Little introduction...

    Nearing 50yrs old - Born and raised hunting, southern style. Last bow was a PSE Lazer back in the day before I went self employed. Shot competitively when I was younger and was fairly good at it.

    Fast forward to current...

    Went into Law Enforcement and can finally get back into the swing of things. So, I venture down to our local pro shop (local business, recently into Archery sales (year or so)) and talk to the pro shop about my future purchase. We go through the basics, decide that my DL is still the same as it was some ~30+ years ago @ 31" and I want at least 70# DW.

    We decide on a left over PSE Octane. I'm no small fella @ 6'5" ~285lbs. So, I want something with a little bigger rizer so my hand will not dwarf the rig. The pro staff assures me that the Octane is what I need.

    Well, now after a full 30 days - what I was told is not exactly the truth. The Octane has a max DL of 30". My anchor, instead of the corner of my mouth is at the end of my chin. My release lets me anchor at my jaw bone and because I've not been into the sport for sometime now, muscle memory only knows what I'm shooting now and not what I remember to be correct.

    I was told with a module change along with cable/string application, that could be adjusted. I mean, I only need an inch, right? Well, apparently the Pro Staff can't seem to make that work.

    Getting to my final point/question....

    I'm all over the map trying to get things dialed in. I've taken the bull by the horns and decided to tune it myself because now I'm roughly ~600 bucks into something I may or may not be able to hunt with this coming season.

    Currently, it's set up like this.

    True Glow 5 Pin. Wisker Biscut, limb savers, silencers and everything maxed out as far as adjusting goes. I/we have tried everything save a self aligning peep tube to get my peep to align right. I can adjust it and after a few rounds, it's not close. When I do get it to align and try to get my sights even hitting the paper (so to speak) my large adjustment on the sights are maxed on the rail. (yes, they're installed properly and not upside down).

    Tonight, I was able to start a fairly decent group @ 15yds but I can't for the life of me get it below ~4" of center. No matter how far I chase the arrow and no matter how center my peep is in relation to the sight. My 15yd pin is completely maxed up top as far as it will go.

    I'm a little confused and frustrated at the same time. It's a local business and although I know the owner and his family, I'm at the point of completely starting over, without them. Would hate it, but, it is what it is.

    Am I missing something here? What am I doing wrong.

    (sorry for the long winded text and thanks for any input).


    Frustrated in Florida!
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    From my experience your never going to shoot that bow worth a darn if its an inch short on draw length.That kind of takes the fun out of it when you have to fight it all day.Think I would go talk to the shop owner and try to work something out since they miss represented that bow, hopefully it was just a mistake on there part and not done intentionaly.

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    Talking Here's what I think !

    Correct fit it is very important !

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