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    Default Grouping @ distance

    I have a quick question for anyone that has had, or can explain how to correct a problem i am having trying to group my arrows. I normaly shoot on a daily basis. But lately I have been extending my ranges out to 40-50 yards, at 20 yards I can group 5 arrows in a 2' diameter, 30 yards is about the same. But when I try and group them at 40-50 Yds I am ethier all over the place, or 5-6" diameter. So if anyone could possibly give me some advise on how to shoot a tighter group at those distances I would be very greatful.

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    I hate to say it but that shooting very well. At 71 years young I shoot a few arrows each day and most times now shoot out to 40 yards. Any time when I shoot over 30 yards and get groups all within a 6 inch circle that is the kill zone of a deer is great shooting. I like to just put up a 1/2 of a deer target or shoot 3D at unmarked yardage and see how well I do, just shoot one arrow and then move both back and see how you do...
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    Make sure you keep good form and your bow is tuned good...........

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    5-6 in group at 40-50 isn't bad at all. If you are consistently shooting that grouping left or right of the mark you may need to make small adjustments to your rest. Have you tried walk back tuning? The adjustments are very small but noticeable at the longer distance shots. This might not be what you need but it really helped w/ my 60+ yd. groups. Also, having my second axis set correctly.

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    Default try

    try shooting your 40 to50 yard shoots more than your 20 to 30 .sometimes you get complacent at shorter distances and sould help in the long run.that works for me.

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