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Thread: Cam cameras

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    Talking Cam cameras

    What is a good brand of camera and what should one look for when buying , as I know nothing about them ?

    My scounting days may be number , as they now around here are frowning on good folks downing nice cold PBRs in the timbers these days , might of been cause "yours truly " called 911 reporting a very large pink elephant running around the western part of The Tall Corn State or when those looking for artifacts discovered a whole semi load of beer cans in one place !

    Please tell me your thoughts .

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    I am using a GoPro for all my hunting video. Weather proof, durable, and losts of mounts for it. I don't know about putting it on the cam but it def. can go by the rest or sights with no issues.
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    Weve ben using the same cudde backs for 4 yrs now . Bought a couple wildgame inovations they didn't last 6 months, when I called them the customer service basicly said F you it happens ..........

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