Hello all. I just bought a diamond infinite edge yesterday. I got the package from cabelas from a man that took about 3-4 hours setting up the boy from me and givinge tips. I am heading out tomorrow as he said it takes a day for the arrows to set once cut. I will be shooting on the McCord afb archery range. My questions are many and I am hoping the experienced can lend some wisdom for the new guy on the line. First, where can I get info on how to shoot technique ECT ECT. Been in the army for 13 years and can shoot a rifle extremely well but something tells me a bow is a bit different. Normally I would have asked my dad about these things but he recently passed so I'm kinda out in the wind. Secondly I got the package deal. I noticed a lot of the other bows had many more accessories, stabilizer a hand strap for the bow, and a few other things I don't know about and can't identify. Are these things necessary/truly helpful. The gentleman at cabelas was truly helpful but evident go into explaining arrow selection and stuff like that. He said that I would do well with what he set me up with but I got no idea. Which sights,rest, are preferred for beginers what shoul I look at upgrading to? Biggest thing is the top sight is set to 20 yards for me. How do I set the other 2 points. The bow dissent come with any instruction. It's a trueglown3 point sight. What ranges shoul I zero them to. And lastly for fear of length of this post where is a good site I can really read and learn from YouTube is good but I find the same 15 vids. Thanks in advance. I can't wait to start shooting. Haven't been this excited since my dad first took me out with my christmas present wHen I was 7 (my first 22)