Hello All,

Thanks for reading my post. I thought I would try and post here first. Unfortunately for me I am forced to sell my new Incredible Hoyt comp elite xt2000. I recently got this bow as a gift. I also was just diagnosed with a serious nerve disorder and I will not be able to shoot archery any more. This bow deserves to be shot by a pro or at least someone who seriously respects the sport. Email me for more details. If you know hoyt than you know this is one of their best. I realize I am gonna take a huge hit selling this bow but I cannot afford not to. Please go ahead and email me with any questions. I may post a price later but for now I am open to offers. you can message me here and I can send you some high quality pics via normal email. This bow is brand new. I haven't even had a chance to mount any of my accessories. I have safe, secure, confirmed and verified paypal.

This is a stock picture of same bow. I am currently taking some pics and will upload. If you want them sooner please just email me. Thanks again

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