hello All,

this forum is filled with lots of useful information and i'm grateful to all who contribute to it.

a lil bit about myself. i love the outdoors, between fishing and backpacking i can't seem to get enough of either and the combination of the two is my ultimate pleasure. i love cooking backcountry trout over a fire.

i figured hunting is a natural progression and something i've wanted to get into for a while but i've always said, i wanna do it with a bow only.

i went to cabelas and got fitted with a new 2013 PSE Brute X (i haven't bought it yet). having only ever shot a bow and arrow in boy scouts (i was ok then) i paid very close attention to a gentleman there who was very helpful. unfortunately his name escapes me but when i got up to the line and he measure my draw length and gave me a few quick pointers i was able to graze arrows next to each other on target at about 10 yards away, i know its close but still... guy said i had good form, all i was doing was paying attention.

i want to try out other bows even though i liked the brute a lot. i was wondering also if there were any local clubs that i could go to and finally, i can't seem to locate any good archery shops near me except one in chicopee, MA.

any other suggestions for a guy like me just starting out? i wanna hunt deer and hopefully turkey at some point even if i have to wait a year or so to refine the craft some more.