Archery is still new to me and I am finding it hard to focus through my eyeglasses,as I am far sighted.The 5 pin Tru Glo sight I have puts the first row of pins 2.5" from the riser at it's longest when mounted regularly but I managed to increase that to 3" by using the two threaded accessory holes with a shim to ensure tightness, since I was bolting two threaded pieces together.I did this to see if it would put the pins farther into the range where my vision of the pins is not blurry.Being farsighted means my glasses make the target clear but the pins blurry.I take them off to read as well.It seems that every little bit helps but I think that putting the pins another 6" out for a total of 9" would be the ticket.I am going to experiment with this idea tomorrow by rigging up a home made sight at that length.

So,Im wondering if anyone else here has this problem and how they deal with it.Again,the pins are so blurry that my 10 and 20 yard pins blur together. Lasic surgery is not an option for me and I'm not thrilled about the idea of contacts either;they would probably not cure the problem as the prescription would presumably be the same anyway,so lets assume I'm stuck with glasses.