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    Default New to archery and need advice

    Hi all, brand new to archery. So i recently was given a PSE Stinger. my draw length is 28.5" and the draw weight is 60 lbs. I need to order arrows online because i don't have a archery shop near me. i've looked online for info but still have questions. For target shooting i'd like to know what would be right for my needs (length, material, brands, etc) and any really good online shops to purchase from. ANY info is appreciated, thanks

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    Default Arrows online

    I'm just a few months into this as well.Your draw length and weight are exactly what I'm at. I've found the Easton Carbon Storm 400 arrows,that my local dealer sold me with me Parker Eagle to be the best bang for the buck in accuracy and toughness.It wouldn't surprise me to find that the Cabellas Hunters 55/70 arrows and the Easton Carbon Storm are the same arrow.They shoot exactly the same for me.I buy more accurate arrows at my local archery shop but for arrows that shoot well and don't cost too much, I don't shed too many tears when destroying or losing either of the above mentioned arrows after paying only about 6.00 an arrow including field tips(I use 19/64 size 3d/field combo tips for the above models)

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    Cabellas shafts are a good all around arrow they are made by beamen witch is a part of Easton. They have shot a lot of game and 3d targets for me over the years. Another good low budget arrow is the gold tip expedition hunter. A good place to get gold tip seconds in nuge arrows is big jims bow supply, the only thing wrong with them is the finish has a small flaw on them.

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    BURNS!?! you are out in the middle of nowhere!! My husband was raised there.

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    Arrow length=2"+your Draw length, so you would need 30.5" length at least.
    For the weight, here's a chart for the Minimum weight for arrows,
    Click image for larger version. 

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