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    Default 1st Bow Kill with my 8 year old boy in the stand.

    We had a great start to the season here this past year. On October 3rd my boy and I went out to bow hunt for the evening and I let him pick the spot where we were going to sit. He said lets go to creek bottom stand in the double ladder stand. My boy is 8 years old and has never been with me when I have shot a deer. He has been with on multiple tracking jobs etc. So we got to the stand early and of course he was getting antsy, then here come a doe and fawn. That kept him occupied for a little bit, then off in the distance I could see a tree moving around and there was a buck making rub. He then worked his way up to us about 20 yards away. He gave us quite a show, but was just to small to shoot. He then walked away and I was like maybe I should have for my boy to be able to experience that. Five minutes later it sounded like a bear running through the corn towards us, but I was not able to see it due to the brush. All of sudden my boys goes dad shooter! I'm like where as I was not able to see it, he's like right there. Then I saw him and was ok yea he's a good one. He started walking broadside at 20 yards then stopped. I was at full draw, but wanted him to walk a little more forward. Meanwhile at full draw my boy is hitting me in the side and saying shoot him, shoot him. haha Then the buck took a couple more steps and I release the arrow and hit him good. He didn't go far and boy was pumped to say the least. It was a great hunt that neither of us will probably never forget. He was a typical 8 point and weighed 208lbs dressed.
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    Great shot

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    That's awesome.

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    Very nice - my grandson is 6 and I don't think he'd make it through a sit yet. Looking forward to being able to take him with me. What a great experience for both of you!
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