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    Default need help buying a Bow

    I want to start getting into archery and maybe hunting after i get good with a bow, i have been looking at some compound bows and i'm kind of stuck between 2 bows the Hoyt Vectrix XT500 and the PSE Stinger 3G, can someone give me some points to what is better and what they think i should go with, both are in the same price range.

    (The hoyt is used but has everythng for it case and arrows says the string is in good condition) (The PSE stinger is brand new No case)

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    Make sure the bow you choose is the correct draw length and the poundage is not to much. Be sure to shoot them before you buy every bow feels different. Not much fun shooting a bow that don't fit when you cant hit what your shooting at. Personaly I would choose the stinger but the hoyt might be a good starter bow for your kneads.

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    I have the Hoyt Vetrix 2007 xl model and love the bow, I got it in the 50 to 60 lb range and 29 inch draw. The Hoyt is a duel cam setup, easy to tune and is good speed for the bow. Each year I go shoot the new Hoyt and then say another year with the older Hoyt, it just shoots that well. The PSE model is there lower end single cam model, a good started bow. I would suggest you do go to a bow shop and be measured so if you buy a used bow it will fit you for draw length and peak lbs...I think if you are starting a 50 to 60 lb will meet all your needs. the worst thing is guys getting over bowed and can not draw and hold the arrow. They then start to have all kinds of bad habits.
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