Just have to whine for a minute.

My kids cat got hit by a car 2 nights ago. So I have been through every page of Craigslist looking for 2 cheap or free kittens. I have emailed over 12 people with only 2-3 replies. On top of not getting many replies, what the heck is this "rehoming" fee to "ensure the cat goes to a good home"?! I am sorry, but I think that is the dumbest FEE I have ever heard of for a damn barn cat! After I pay this Fee to ensure I am a good person, then I have to go pay for all the spay/shots/worming that the first owner didn't take care of!

If I go get them from the shelter I am paying for spay & shots (which is fine) & a microchip! I don't need a microchip in my cat! If the cat goes missing, we will either find it on the road or be tracking a coyote who ate the cat!

Meanwhile my daughter is driving me crazy either bawling about her dead cat or asking when she will get her new kitty

Ok, I am just going to go to bed and hopefully sleep this off.