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Thread: Backups?

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    Default Backups?

    Wondering who if anyone has a backup... and if you have a backup bow how much do you really use it? The reason I ask is because I don't have one... I hunt, shoot spot league, and 3D. Starting to think that maybe I should start to put away for one... AND if I do happen to finally save enough what kind do you buy or how much do you spend? Just seems silly to me in a way, I don't have a backup car, phone, or wife and I use those all the time!

    Lets hear what you have to say.

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    I dont have backup bows...I use to have multiple bows all the time, but that was more of a have a bow for each type of shooting type thing.

    I have been out of shooting for a while and getting back into it now. Getting the girlfriend set up before me as I still have my Bowmadness XL that does most things pretty well. So no need to go getting something else right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BUNNYMAN View Post
    I dont have backup bows...I use to have multiple bows all the time, but that was more of a have a bow for each type of shooting .

    X2 I have 2 surpass set up so I can grab either and go shoot.

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    I have another of the same model from the same year, don't shoot it much but don't see the need to. Bought it a few years off ebay after I had my regular one; cut the price WAY down. Dressed it with stuff I already had; OK; it has a WB rest and a 3 pin sight; but if I'm down in KY hunting and my normal one goes belly up I take the stab off it, put it on my spare and I'm back in the woods.
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    Well I got back into Archery after many years away. I bought a nice bow set it up joined a club did an indoor league and I was hooked. Saw all those really nice target bows most guys were shooting and decided I needed one. Bought a target bow. First bow in case sitting in spare room. Well after about 3 mos.I took it out and shot it and realized how nice it was. So I set it up for 3d. Now have 2 active bows.

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