Since I had to set up a new bow. (I will shoot my BMXL for this year)

Bought the lady friend a Mission Riot. Nice bow.

So I pulled out all my old accessories and found some stuff that will work nicely.

She had a plate put in her bow arm a few years ago after an ATV accident. So she will have to build up to a hunting poundage. (30lbs is fine. 40lbs she can get back but is uncomfortable at this time.)

So I installed a loop, peep, wrist sling, arrow rest and simple 3 pin site. Put on the lightest stabilizer I had. I have about a doz different releases for her to try.

I found about 15 CX Terminator JR's that are the perfect length.

Well, wish me luck...she all ready loves to hunt with the rifle. Lets see if we can turn her into a bow hunter...or at least an avid archer!