What Do You Do When?
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    Question What Do You Do When?

    Well let me start by saying hello to everyone. Tell me does anyone have this problem. I have brand new Mathews Switchback (about a month now), possibly, no definatly the the best bow I have every shot hands down. Smooth, fast, completly vibration free. Just a sweet shooting machine. The problem is that after less than 500 shots the end serving on the string moves and breaks and starts to unwind were it goes around the cam (at the let-off point). Now I dont mind going to the shop and getting this fixed, but how about when you half way through the R100? Does anyone else have this problem or am I the only one. Also this is the new Zebra Baracuda sting that is supposed to be so great. Is there a fix to this situation. I once heard of someone putting high tack rubber cement on the center serving to keep it in place (a lite coating on the area to be served). I would think this would not be good after the stuff dries and hardens.
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