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    Default Straight- Right Helical- OR Left Helical??????

    Ok guys I've fletched arrows for 4 years and killed numerous deer with fixed blade broadheads out to 45 yds. All of the arrows I've ever fletched have been straight. This year my curiosity has gotten me involved in left and right helical fletching. I'm not sure which is best or to even go helical at all. I've heard several theory's by many trusted people I know. I don't know what to do honestly. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated

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    I am a 4" feather right hand helical guy my self (think they look cool ). All ways got tighter groups with the helical ( prob all in my head) , but have shot a lot of critters with straight fletch. I believe if your bow is in tune and with good form on your part an average joe wont tell the difference.....

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    Helical just puts more resistance on the tail end, much like a tail on a kite. It also puts a spin on the arrow from the tail end. It's just another measure of correcting arrow flight. If your not having issues I wouldn't refletch.
    I am however a fan of building in all the forgiveness I can, so I do use helical fletching on my arrows. How much is really determined by the OD of your shafts. It's hard to fit hard helical fletching on skinny shafts. My fav is a 4 fletch pattern with feathers. Lighter than vanes, maximum correction.
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    If you are shooting a compound, with a rest, like a lizard tongue, drop away, go straight fletch, if you are shooting a recurve or longbow, you are using feathers, it matters not what type of fletch configuration left or right you use. Though left wing feathers are a bit cheaper as they do not seem to be as popular with archers for some reason. Just make sure you use a left fletching jig with left wing feathers, and a right helical jig for right helical feathers.. Using a straight fletch jig to do right or left fletch feathers may work, but remembers right and left feathers have a natural curve to them which may resist straightening.
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