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Thread: stabilizer

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldflinger View Post
    How do you decide how big or long of a stabilizer to get? I shoot the hunter class and I want to use the same set up for hunting this fall.
    the longest that u ca go is a 10 inch without going to a pro staff class..

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    you sure its not 12 inch natedog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullspotter View Post
    you sure its not 12 inch natedog?
    I thought it was 12 as well...
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    Default boring

    I got a stabilizer laying around from an old bow.It weighs a ton. I'm gonna chuck it up in the lathe rommorrow and bore it out. Play around with that a little. See what happens.
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    Talking From IBO & ASA rules.....

    "C. LEVEL THREE – ENTRY LEVEL ADULT CLASSES - Trophy Awards- Monetary Awards (if offered) at Random

    1. HUNTER CLASS (HC)The stabilizer shall be no more than twelve inches long, and extend no more than twelve inches from the point of attachment to the bow. "


    1. Men’s Hunter

    Stabilizer Rule - A front stabilizer (or system including quick releases and/or enhancers) may be used, but may not exceed twelve inches (12”) in total length from the tip of the stabilizer (or system) to the point of attachment on the front of the riser provided by the manufacturer."

    I'm a rules, let's get the right info type of geek. Please keep in mind that the class you shoot will dictate the equipment requirements. I have included just two of the many classes offered for each organization. This was found at each of their respective websites.

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