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    Default Reason#5 I'm hooked on archery...

    I've had my Parker Eagle for a few months now,and I've taken the next step into the sport,not by buying a higher level bow,but by using this entry level bow to cut my d.i.y. teeth with.The 'do it yourself' aspect of archery for both current target/3d and future hunting(I've never hunted-planning for next season back in North Idaho) is half of what's keeping me interested.

    The fact that I can re-string my own bow,serve in string/cable accessories and cut and fletch my own super cool looking arrows makes this feel like model rocketry did as a kid.With attention to detail and safety,that was 'serious fun' then,and same goes for archery now.Cool BTW-the arrows in the pic are just stock, newer photos will be of shafts with 2 black and white blazer tiger stripe vanes and one neon yellow

    As a life long tinkerer and bike nut I've always found ways to put my spin on existing designs.The whiskers on the string are made from bicycle inner tubes,they're wrapped a little thick but seem to work quite well in silencing the string.The outer 2 " of the stabilizer/dampener is an add-on I came up with for additional length/weight and dampening-hard to quantify but it seems to work pretty well.
    The 7 pin TruGlo adjustable sight has been a blast to play with, and installing the Revolution Micro rest was a great learning experience as it required serving a correctly timed ****ing rope into the downward buss cable.I really like this launcher and chose it because it's design appealed to the tinkerer in me.

    And of course, I installed the nock loop and peep myself.All of this stuff will be done with better fit and finish(and a tubeless peep) next time-part of getting hooked on the hobby part of this adventure.

    The arrows in the pic were shot from 20 yards using this setup at our new place in Spanish Fork, Utah.The garage with that end of the driveway almost entirely surrounded closely by brick walls,makes for a sweet and safe indoor/outdoor 20 yard range with up to 12 yards completely indoors.Oh,and those targets ate up a couple of years worth of recycled cardboard boxes and egg cartons.

    One last thing,I thought this pic was cool when I noticed that the bow is at first glance, pretty well camoflauged into the shop.
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    Default can't edit I guess,

    but the bleeped out word in the text is not what you might think.The word I used for for the rope used to pull back the arrow rest was 'c o c k ing', hehe.

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    I just started working on my own bow here and there its kinda fun and frustrating at the same time I still won't touch mommas bow not yet.
    I want to stay married a little longer. Someday I'll feel confident enough to do mommas

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