AeroBushing™ are made from high quality CNC machined 7075-T5 aluminum to address the needs for ultra lightweight and consistent archery projectile requirements on the nock side. Traditionally uni-bushing are made with bar stock and screw machines to approximate fit so average target archery will use material like plastic bag to shim fit the bushing and insert a nock in it to shot. This approach is far from accurate and consistent. AeroBushing utilize the same approach of Firenock nocks' force compression system but do it in reverse. Instead of a round collar, AeroBushing is a 4 prong star shape. This will force the arrow to concentric with the bushing and this concentric with the nock. This approach also have another major advantage is that it is significantly lighter. We at Firenock belief that the A style nock is the most ideal nock for target. First it is super light weight, at 4.85 grains it is lighter than most 0.166" ID nocks. Form the molding point of view, it has the most advance nock throat which means it gives the best arrow to string there is.

Case in point the standard weight of the uni-bushing and nock system for 23/64" OD arrows usually weight between 20-25 grains. Unlike a normal bushing or 23/64" size which is about 12 grains, the AeroBuhsing-23 weights just under 7 grain by itself. AeroBushing also is different by using a totally different size of nock than standard uni-bushing for 23/64 size. Instead of the usual G (0.166" ID) or S (0.245" ID) AeroBushing utilize the Firenock A style nock which is 0.204". Thus the final weight of the entire system is only about 12 grains complete for 23/64".

We now offers:

ABU23A: to fit BEA Challenger, Easton Fatboy, CX CXL
ABU25A: to fit CX Line-jamer, GT X-ringer (soon)
ABU26A: to fit GT 30X (soon)
ABU27A: to fit BEA Magnum, Easton Full Bore