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    Default Bowhunting help needed

    Hey Guys - I'm doing research for a class and also interested in just learning more about bowhunting myself. Could you help me out by answering these questions? (1) how long have you been hunting? (2) what technologies are important to you when choosing a bow? (3) what bow do you currently shoot? Thanks!!

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    I have only been hunting for 4 years now.
    As far as technologies that are important when choosing a bow or any archery products is mostly personal preference. I did just research and buy a new hunting bow and the biggest thing for me was the speed and weight. I wanted a new bow that was lighter and shot faster. The speed is all in the cams but if the cam has too big of a "hump" it won't draw or shoot as smooth but it will be fast. After going to a few archery pro shops I decided the right bow for me was a PSE Stinger 3G. I hope this helps you. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

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    Bow hunting since 1975. Technologies? I don't care how they make it or what from, as long as it's durable, shootable, and tunable. Hitting the spot at the moment is what matters. Hitting somewhere else is not. I lean towards longer ATA bows, speed is not a deal breaker for me. I've never hunted in open areas, only woods, so shots are usually 20 yards or less. Short ATA bows don't do it for me, they seem too twitchy. I'm a 6 footer with a 75" wing span so others might feel different.
    I currently hunt with a Mathews Rival Pro, a deflex older bow, and a Maitland Zeus, an up to date parrallel limb bow. Both are about 40" ATA. Both shoot great, but I find the single cam Mathews easier to tune than the cam.5 Maitland. I still can't see why cam.5 or binary cams are better. They offer less in adjustment . You can't tweek and tune like on a single or a twin. If I could come up with the $$ I'd try an OK Archery dual cam shoot-through. It's cams are an updated design of Martins, on a modern, more parallel limb bow. 4 cables, 1 string. sounds intimidating, but very adjustable and predictable. Keep it simple, aim small, hit the spot, meat in the freezer. That's what bowhunting is supposed to be, not winging arrows at every deer you see and bragging to your buddies about how many you hit.
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    About 40yrs; Technology is a little vague, I shoot what works for me; This year Martin MOAB, next year Bear Grizzly (I hope)!
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    Thanks everyone! This is helpful!

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