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Thread: New to Archery

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    Default New to Archery

    I finally decided on a hobby and archery it is. I just purchased an older compound bow to begin with. It is a Bear White tail hunter ll came with case, new string, some broad heads , 16 carbon arrows and other goodies all for $100. It is set at 60# 30dl I thought it was a good deal but I have yet to shoot it. Any pointers before I go try it out?

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    Ist suggestion would be to bring it to an archery shop or club. If you are brand new to archery, it would be better to be around other archers to help in person.
    Set aside the broadheads for now.
    Does that DL fit you? What carbon arrows? Brand, spine, etc. Hard to fit a person to a bow just on the web.
    \How tall are you? Shooting with just your fingers or using a release?
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    If you are a beginner then I prefer you to go with a basic recurve bow to start. You can get a quality, take-down recurve bow for $150-$200, with a dozen arrows costing about $75 more. Martin Jaguar or Martin Saber take-down bows is the best option for you because these are of good quality bow and have price.
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    I agree with the above comment: go to a shop if possible to get some tips

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    Does that draw weight fit you? What's your draw length/weight?
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