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    Default any one shoot a proelite?how was it?

    I have been waiting for my new ProElite for a very long time now.Just wondering what everyone that has shot one thinks.Good thing my Ovation has been keeping me busy!

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    I dont know about the proelite..but the ultra elite is the best...i think. i have shot the ultra tec for alot of years and when i switched to the elite made a big difference in score! i love it and would not go back. the elite series bows are like no other. there great!! AEP ARCHERY all the way!!

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    I own a proelite with 3000 limbs and spiral cams. It is a great shooting bow. I have been shooting it for indoors for about a year.
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    i just received these two, the PRO ELITE XT2000...WOW, im telling you its nothing short of AWESOME, i have not had a chance to fire the ULTRA ELITE XT3000 yet but i will let you know as soon as i have...

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    Default I consider this bow

    One of the top three bows made today. My coach left Mathews to shoot this bow, winning for many years he considers it one of the best bows he has ever owned. He splits the cables and uses the shoot through system. It would be my first choice if I left Mathews.
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