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Thread: Draw weight

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    Default Draw weight

    Hi, new to 3D and I'm hoping some one can help me.
    Bought a Bear Black tail compound bow off ebay. The bow has two cams ,the string length is 37" draw weight is 55#.Can I reduce the weight by replacing the string with a 39" string ?. I've got room to change the string and not cause any interference with the cam. Thanks for your help. Peace be with you.: wave:

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    A longer string will not lower poundage a shorter string will lower poundage. With that said to short string it you don't wa go too short more than 3/8 can cause problems on a short string like that

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    This is straining the memory brain cells here but I had a Whitetail (very similar to your bow). It had 3 holes that you could use to adjust the draw weight. Seems to me it was on the 2 idler wheel arms and you put the idler wheels in the desired holes. I believe it gave you a 10# range. Don't know if the Blacktail was set up the same but take a look.
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