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Thread: McPherson Bows

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    Default McPherson Bows

    I bought a used McPherson Solo Lite that is set up for a 29 1/2 inch draw length. I brought it to a pro shop and they told me that I needed to buy new modules to change the draw length to 31 inches. Does anybody know of a McPherson dealer or where I can buy these"modules" at? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Mathews bought the name back so I would check with a Mathews dealer. I'm kinda doubting they will have them though. Ebay mabey, or do a WTB add here and archerytalk.
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    This bow was made by Pearson about 10 years ago so you might want to check with them. I can't remember everything but the modules are marked A thru F or something like that (BHL). Look at the one on the bow and you'll get an idea. Each letter up (A, B, C, etc) means 1" longer draw length. I believe the Solo Lite used the Thruster PHD cam if that will be of any help.

    If that doesn't get you anywhere then try Parker Archery as they used the same modules on bows from that era.

    You could also get on Pearson's forum and maybe somebody could help you or possibly have a module or two from back then. All mine have magically disappeared over the years.

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    Talking Don't know about you !

    But good luck !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pucky View Post
    But good luck !
    x 2you might need it!!!!!!
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