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    Default new to archery looking for sights

    Hello all I'm very new to archery. I picked up a bow fir the first time 3weeks ago. I currently shoot a Matthews fx. I'm having trouble shooting tight patterns or groups and I'm wondering if it could be my peep sight . Its on of those big circle ones and In wondering if i should go with a smaller diameter peep sight or maybe a scope and clarifyer which is also something that I don t understand. I want to get into a competition just for fun but i would like to be shooting a tighter group than I am now thanks for any help

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    Generally you want to use a peep sight with a large enough opening to center your ROUND sight housing in it. (circle within a circle) You don't want a peep so small as to just see one pin through it. what sight are you using?
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    Check out the Axcel Armortech line of sights. You can get it in 4, 5, or 7 pins and it is tough as nails. You can also micro adjust each pin when you sight it in to be as precise as possible. I use mine on my hunting bow in combination with my Doc's Choice lens by Clear Targets. I can't think of a better combination. Hope you find what you are looking for and good shooting!
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    You might take a look at Hind Sights ( or something ). No connection to them, I was researching bow sights myself, and feel they might offer a more precise sight picture without reducing aperture in the peep. Haven't installed them yet, so I can't attest to first-hand results, but the idea seems sound.

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    First I would find a dealer and have them go over your bow with you and get some instruction from them. At that point you will be able to make good decisions on sights, clarifiers, etc.

    Practice time with someone else watching is usually the best way to get better quickly. I was shooting pretty good groups (or so I thought) when I first got my current compound bow, I was consistent with 3 inch groups of 6 arrows at 30 yards.

    A single session with an instructor at my Archery shop corrected two things, one my peep was not the right size for my eye sight, and one error in my form, and that got me to shooting 50 cent size groups for 6 arrows at 30 yards.
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