Good day in the stand today. Deer were chasing pretty hard. Had this 8 pt. dogging a doe real hard. The buck was in a swamp and kept the doe at bay;not letting it out of its sight. They were about 30 yards from my stand but I couldn't get a shot due to the thick cover of the swamp. This buck never stopped grunting the whole time I had it in sight. After several minutes, the deer were spooked from the swamp by three other does that came barreling into the thick cover. Once the doe broke from the swamp, it walked directly in front of my stand at five yards, dragging this 8 pt right along with it. When the buck got into my lane I stopped it and took the shot at five yards. Once the arrow was on its way I saw it strike a small,and I mean small thin branch causing the arrow to deflect downward at an extremely sharp angle which in turn caused this devastating hide slice without entering the chest cavity. After the hit the deer walked off slowly and as it did I loaded another arrow hoping for the possibility at another shot. Then, at 41 yards the buck stopped quatering away hard and I was able to settle the pin and punch another Hypodermic through the lungs. After the arrow struck home the buck made only about 25 yards and tipped over. Thank God I was able to slip that second arrow into the bucks lungs with the looks of the damage from that first arrow. Equipment used: Strother Black Death SR-71, 376 gr. 250 CX Maxima Hunter arrows tipped with the 100 gr. Rage Hypodermics and guided by Blazer vanes. Scott silverhorn release.