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    Default archery probblems

    My G/son's girlfriend has a big problem , it seems no matter where I set her sights she keeps hitting in the same place and I have even watched her form and it does not seem to change enough for that to happen.then after an hour or so she then tells me that her doctor told her she has astigmitisim and that she is left eye dominant, well she does wear contacts, but still I think that is the only reason she does that due to her acquiring the target with her left eye, any help would be greatly appreciated. please email me at thanks

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    The astigmatism does not mean she will have issues. Astigmatism in eyes simply means the eyes are shaped more like a football rather than a basketball. I am sure the contacts she wears are designed for astigmatism and have the proper prescription. I would verify that when she comes to full draw she is centering the sight housing in the peep sight, sounds like she is changing the position of her sight within her peep sight and this is causing the consistent shot placement even with moving the sight.
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    She will have to learn to sight in with her right eye or learn to shoot a left handed bow. My wife has the same problem.

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    I agree with wolbear in it being more a problem with how she uses the sights. I have astigmatism and it does not have anything to do with my sight picture. My not using the circle within a circle sight picture did have the effect of me not placing shots where I thought I was aiming. I would bet a dollar that she is focusing on the pin through the peep sight rather than seeing the sight circle inside the peep circle and so not really placing the sight pin as it should be.
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