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    Default First Time Out With The Grizzly

    Took the Grizzly out for a test drive after lunch yesterday. 20yds. only. Left and right was good not too much wider than a big deer target's 10 ring with an occasional oops. I used a good bit of that block vertically though. I was pleased that drawing 48# (29" draw) was very comfortable for me, just a bit of stack right at the very end. Any thoughts from you traditional shooters on the vertical stringing?
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    my first thought is velocity due too inconsistent DL, or inconsistent anchor height. without a sight pin as a gauge it's tough.
    I raised my anchor point on my face and my short range shots are way better. Are you trying to gap?
    If just trying instinctive keep both eyes open and mabey raise that anchor, my old corner of the mouth anchor was a point-on 50-60. left a lot of room on the closer shots.
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