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    Default Hoyt Ultra Sport

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me there opinion on a Hoyt Ultra Sport compound bow that I am considering buying. I have been hunting since I was a kid but archery is brand new to me and could use some guidance. The bow has a 27-30 draw, is 50-60lbs. has whisper biscuit rest,and 2 pin sight. stabilizer, wrist sling,Hoyt quiver. 3 arrows and a hard shell case. The asking price is $315.00. I am not sure yet of the bows age, but it looks to be hardly used. Is this a fair price, and a good bow to start with? Dont know if it matters but Im 6' and 225lbs.

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    My son, now 24, shot his first deer at 15 with his ultrasport. So they have been around a while. He hasn't 'upgraded' yet. We've put new threads on it a couple times and that's it. I picked up one for his fiancé too a few years back and put new threads on it too. It's a pretty good bow, though not state of the art. If it fits you, it will serve you well IMO. You don't need this year's bow to be a good hunter or to shoot good. price-wise I think it's at least a 100 too high if I was buying it. It's going to cost that to put new string and cables on it.
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    Red44 thanks for the advice. I took a look on my local craigs list and found a number of Hoyts right around the $200 mark in the same condition. Ill keep doing my research. Thanks again!

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