Winter NFAA 300 League - Jan. 3 - March 7, 2014
When: Friday nights, Jan. 3 - March 7, 2014
Times: 7 pm - approx. 9:30 pm
Who: Anybody with a bow
Cost: $40 adult, $20 youth/ya, $5 cub, $5 weekly practice (if lanes available)
Classes: None. 2 person teams drawn at league. Or open shooting.
Awards Ceremony: March 7, awards T-shirts
Contact: Nate Klein or Terri Lovetinsky-Klein (
For Practice Lanes: Depends on number of people in league. Contact Nate or Terri


-NFAA 300 league.

-12 ends for score. Shoot 5 arrows per end.

-10 week league.

-All ages and abilities welcome.

-Compounds and traditional bows welcome.

-Averages and handicaps calculated.

-Distance is 20 yards (ages 12 & up) or 10 yards (under age 12).

-We might have lanes open for nightly practice ($5/night) if you don't want to join the league. Contact Nate or Terri for availability.
-Can handle 32 people each night, 16 people per line.

Update 1/2/14: There are 7 spots left in this league. If you plan to shoot this Friday night league and will not be there the first night, please let us know so that we can save your spot and make arrangements to get your first week's score.