Firenock 2014 Sport Shows & Dealer/Enthusiast Classes Schedule
Firenock sport show and class schedule will be updated often throughout the year; last updated on 12/19/2103.
Starting January 1st 2014, the Firenock Dealer/enthusiast class will be offered to any dealer and/or archer Enthusiast that would like a in-depth understanding on why and how to use Firenock products, which can lead to better ability to sell Firenock products to their customers and/or utilized Firenock product better with a more in-depth understanding of the science and thinking behind it. The class will mostly be held on Monday. These classes will be held in city and states as stated on the table below. One must per-registered and per-paid with at least 3 business day in advance so hand out material be prepared and correct conference room size can be reserved base on the number of attendants. To attend class, it is going to cost $170.00 per person. After completion of the class, each participant will get a certificate immediately or in the mail stating that he/she had completes the course and now have in-depth understanding of the subject matters. A $150.00 Firenock gift certificate will also be part of the package given to the attendee as part of the completion package. The registration fee is non refundable and the class one registered cannot be reschedules without consent from Firenock's office, so make sure one attend the scheduled class he/she sign up for. [Class sign up form in down-loadable and printable pdf format.)

The class is going to have on 4+1 general segments.
The understanding of nocks, style, and utilization of them on current arrow shafts available on the market.
The Aero component concepts and approach in building a superior archery projectile.
The Aerovane technical guide: design, tools, application, and installation.
To built the best archery projectile you can using the above, a hands on approach (Aerovane Jig, APS, PAPS training, etc.)
Optional: discussion on select archery equipment (AeroRest, and the best approach in utilized them)

Each segment above is going to be 50 minutes long which allows 10 minute of Q&A after each lecture and will be done in one day. The class will be usually held on a Wednesday. The class is going to start at 10.00am and end at 3:00 - 4:00 pm with 1 hour (12:00 to 1:00pm) alloted for lunch.

Due to distance of travel, the out of stated classes are usually offer the day after event like ASA, IBO, other national shooting, Sport shows, and ATA. It was advice to us that many people who want to attend the class would prefer to travel to those places due to distances. For those who are interested in those classes, please eMail for availability. We will open new classes if many are requesting for it, we shall try our best to open one besides those events and add on to the current schedule.
Start On End On Event City ST
Monday 01/06/2014 Wednesday 01/08/2014 ATA (#959) Nashville TN
Thursday 01/09/2014 Thursday 01/09/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Nashville TN
Friday 01/24/2014 Sunday 01/26/2014 Hunt'in-Time Expoi(#156) Grand Rapids MI
Monday 01/27/2014 Monday 01/27/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Grand Rapids MI
Saturday 02/01/2014 Sunday 02/09/2014 American Sport Show Harrisburg PA
Monday 02/10/2014 Monday 02/10/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Harrisburg PA
Friday 02/21/2014 Sunday 02/23/2014 Field & Stream Springfield IL
Monday 02/24/2014 Monday 02/24/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Peoria/Henry IL
Thursday 02/28/2014 Saturday 03/02/2014 Iowa Deer classic Des Moines IA
Monday 03/03/2014 Monday 03/03/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Des Moines IA
Friday 03/14/2014 Sunday 03/16/2014 Field & Stream Columbus OH
Monday 03/17/2014 Monday 03/17/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Columbus OH
Friday 03/21/2014 Sunday 03/23/2014 Bowhunter Supershow Columbus OH
Friday 03/28/2014 Sunday 03/30/2014 ASA Tuscaloosa AL
Monday 03/31/2014 Monday 03/31/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Tuscaloosa AL
Friday 04/04/2014 Sunday 04/06/2014 Field & Stream Madison WI
Monday 04/07/2014 Monday 04/07/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Madison WI
Monday 04/14/2014 Monday 04/14/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Indianapolis IN
Friday 04/25/2014 Friday 04/25/2014 ASA Paris TX
Saturday 04/26/2014 Saturday 04/26/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Paris TX
Friday 05/02/2014 Sunday 05/04/2014 Regios Carrollton KY
Monday 05/05/2014 Monday 05/05/2014 Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class Carrollton KY