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    Smile Request For Guidance

    I am totally new to archery. I want a simple bow to get started and then move up to hunting deer. Any suggestions on what a good starter bow may be and why would be greatly appreciated. I am a 63 old male in good shape and if it helps I am 230lbs 6' tall.


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    Compound I assume? If so get to a Pro Shop and get measured, then once you know your draw length go around and try as many out as you can. Bows are extremely personal, any recommendation by anyone is just their own personal preference and helps you not at all. How much you are looking to spend will play in to it as well. Just as an example: you will see more than one person shoot and recommend a Hoyt; now they are fine bows and can be on the pricey side, especially new. I have never picked one up and after a shot not handed it back, haven't found one yet that felt good to me at all.

    I am now relearning traditional bows so I don't have as much experience with them but for beginner bows the Sammick Sage seems to get recommended pretty often as a place to start. In my teens I had a Ben Pearson recurve for a few years then spent most of my time using a Kodiak Hunter, shot my friends Kodak Magnum some too. I have a couple of early 70's Grizzly's at the moment which I like the feel of pretty well; light and not such a high grip as the K Hunter. If you are going the traditional route I'd still try a bunch of them.
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    X2 you need to shoot as many as you can when you feel the right bow it will pick you. Most people will recommend the brand they shoot. With archers they get very brand loyal.

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    Default Picking the right bow

    I strongly agree with the other two post. Go to your local pro shop shoot a variety of bows and pick the one that fits you best. And most of all welcome to the most addictive sport in the world.

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    welcome back. what they said. try out all you can. then buy a Bowtech.
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