The 94 (225,000 miles) Subaru had developed a bad oil leak.

Got her for just about free. Put about $500 into it. (Set of tires, brakes, oil change) Got a year out of it.

Saved for the last couple months...planed on buying in the spring.

Was all set to buy another Subaru. They wouldnt budge on the price. So we stopped up the road at the VW place.

The guy comes out and says "How you doing? Thinking about trading in the Subaru?" I was stunned. Offered us $500.

Looked at a couple new and used...settled on a 2014 VW Golf 4 door TDI. Black on Black.

Will take some pics in the day light later but here is a representitive pic.

Its the base model but in a VW it seems you just get more. Lots of really cool features. More than I will ever use.

Lets just say "Red" was more than happy!
Which paid off for me....