Im looking for a fully functional used/preowned bow press in the northeast? I live in Maine but will travel to New Hampshire, Vermont or Mass. for the right price, that's if there is no shipping. This is my first bow press so I would rather start with an inexpensive model until I understand how and why on the basics. I generally work on all my own bows and have decided to go to the next level instead of going to a pro shop due to recent events at a well known shop. Have a brand new Quicksilver34ss model brought to pro shop and they said they install rest,sights,timing servings and so on and I was hesitant because just had a bad experience in the past,thats why I do things on my own,also I enjoy archery very much. Long story short the head tech dropped my new bow and also put 3 scratches over 2" long on the riser so that was the main reason im done with most shops and in market for a used bow press. please contact me at (207)446-9581 my name is Glenn if any one has 1 to sell. Thank you! call anytime up to 11pm