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    Default How to start,

    Hey guys, i really want to take up archery. Im wondering, For a beginner, Whats the best type of bow to start with, or what am i looking for in a bow to begin with. im going to have a lot more questions so i guess this is just the starting question, i dont want to bombard with Q's and then be Confused.
    Im also not really sure how much i want to spend right away, but it wouldnt be bad to know how much a start up is going to cost roughly and the advice on what to get as i asked previously.
    Thanks for all the future input

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    Mission riot bow for my 16 year old. It has many draw length settings and adjust the poundage from low weight to 70lbs. I have around 550 dollars in everything it takes to shoot it. they"re many good bows out there to choose from. Get to a archery shop that maybe some of your friends have already be to and trust and get fitted and ask question cause they are great people for beginners to get everything they need in person. Hey welcome to the forum and good luck.
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    First thing to decide is do you want to shoot compound or traditional. Once you tell us that we can proceed.
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    I agree w/ dbdcougar. figure out if your going to shoot traditional or compound, go to your local pro shop and ck into used bows. Hope this helps. and keep us posted.

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    Very similar to the other answers. The first step would be to decide what type of archery you want to take up. Then get down to your local archery shop and speak with the people there and discuss what your looking for and they will let you know your options. The next step I personally would take would be to scope out craigslist or classifieds in your local paper to look for a used bow. You might even find a decent used bow at a pawn shop for a great price. Just keep in mind you don't want to go spend a million dollars on a brand spanking new bow when you are first getting started. There are a lot of nice bows out there to be had for a great price just keep your eyes open. Good Luck

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    Default Equipment choice

    If I may add to the above posts, going with used to start is fantastic advice but be careful even when shopping used. Go ahead and talk to your local dealers if you have them, if not don't be afraid to post questions on here. Remember, the only dumb question is the one not asked.

    I might also advise to stay with the better known brand names when getting equipment, they got big for a reason and the ones you've never heard of faded out for a reason.

    In asking questions, make sure you learn a little bit about what to look for when inspecting used equipment. Things like cracked limbs, cracked cams, rotting strings etc.

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    I want to echo these guys.......pick a bow shop before a bow......sounds weird, but they will save you money by getting stuff that you wont replace.........The Bowtech Fuel is a great starter or even forever bow.......But if you have one shop around and it is big on PSE or Mathews or whatever , (dealer maybe) then maybe let them lead you that way. The best thing is shoot lots of different ones in the shop range. Saves having stuff you dont like to use put in a box in the releases for instance.....I learned the hard way

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    I will echo the others and add my own experience with switching from a traditional long bow to a Compound, which I did two years ago. I am lucky to have three bow shops within a 25 mile radius. I first went to the Gander Mountain store, Academy Sports and our other "Big Box store" simply because they had a lot of different brands that I could look at. I ended up going to the Archery Center a true bow hunter/shooting store and they not only hooked me and my wife up with great bows at the same cost of those ill informed BBstores but they also let us shoot several brands and models within those brands. We ended up with Bear bows, they then measured us, set up our bows, and cut our arrows to fit. Then it was back to their range for some free lessons in how to shoot. We don't go anywhere else for anything since we know they will not only give great advice and service but also let us try out any gear we are looking at to see if it will work for us. We got our releases after trying out all the different types and several models/brands of each at the same time we got our bows. About two months after we got all set up we shot in our very first 3D tourney and we did not embarrass ourselves. Also met a lot of great people there who gave us very helpful tips on shooting the 3D format (we both only shot standard circle target prior to that experience).
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