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    Default how to tighten my long range groups?

    I posted this video on another archery forum and got flanked. I've heard it all from the arrows are to level to the ground to be shot from 100 yards to the arrows are to straight in the target to be shot from so far, it goes on and on.
    Some of them are mad because the title of the thread was I got shot at the range today..
    Basically wanting to generate a lot of view and then ask how to clean up the right and left misses up.

    Anyway, 100 yards, how do you target archers straighten up left to right misses?

    PSE Rally 100 yards - YouTube

    Thanks for any advice. I realize the car is in the way and you can't see much of my stance. But my question is how do guys on a higher level clean up the left and right. I've always had this issue.

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    If the video doesn't work you can view it on YouTube under the title PSE Rally 100 yards.
    I realize its a good group but I always have pancake groups and want to be better. My target bow will fire a bare shaft over 200 yards. Its about as tuned as you can get.

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    Hello,welcome to 3D. one quick check you could do is number each arrow and see if the same one is shooting off.
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    The way the wind is blowing you really can't ask for a better group, now put a target on the bale and see if you can hit the center.
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    Yes sir. I'm not complaining at all. I thought of trying a tilt hammer but really don't want cables in my sight window. I'm considering a torque indicator and a smaller pin.
    Usually a six or seven inch group
    I'm using axis arrows with mini blazers.. I've never seen an arrow so unstable in the wind.
    Is that because they are so stiff or a function of the foc?


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    I tried one of those torque thingy's and for me by the time I made sure I was torque free my shot sequence was all balled up and I flubbed the shot anyway.
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    One thing you can do to prepare yourself at 100 and at 50 is on a calm day shoot a few groups canting your bow a half of a bubble and a full bubble on your site level. Record or remember what the average offset of your group was from the bulls-eye. Then when you are shooting a tourney and on a windy day take notice where your competitor’s arrows are landing say 6 to 8” left or right because of the wind you will then have a game plan that will allow aim directly at the target and score higher points versus struggling.

    Most folks try to aim off this can work at times but your mind will try to pull you back on target at the release of the arrow and can really mess up your focus in the game trying to stay relaxed and shooting well.

    Also the best practice you can achieve is to get out when the wind is blowing and find a good but challenging distance and practice shooting, the wind gust will be pushing on your bow, form and mental game. When you can stay calm and build confidence in making some consistent good grouping arrows you will then be prepared for those conditions at a shoot. This in turn will build your confidence because you will have an edge against your competition when they are all crumbling do to the conditions. They will not only be struggling but this will in turn throw you into a positive aggressive attitude in your mental game.

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    Considering the wind I'd say that's not too bad. I do notice that at full draw the bow is moving around a lot. More, better, and/or heavier stabilization would definitely help. The bow could use some more mass weight.
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    For perfect target shoot there are rules of bow shooting which should be follow. During your shoot try to move your rest to the left a small amount of an inch and try it again if it brought your arrow over closer to the bull then move it more till you are there. You should see the target clearly and getting proper fletch clearance on the rest and the cables.

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