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    Default Crossbow Section

    I am a crossbow user/ hunter & i am i welcome in this forum i haven't seen nothing about crossbows anywhere in this forum I hope that crossbow hunters /users are welcome on this forum but if it's only for regular Compound Bows i will understand

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    I don't want to speak for everyone, I understand our local restrictions on crossbow use and so far it still is only allowed for medicaly restricted people here which I agree with. If it is your only option then I applaud you for still getting after them.
    I have been pretty loud about them not being allowed in bow season for able bodied people.
    Gun season, I'm OK with it. Bow season should be Bow season.
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    We can use them in archery season and it really hasn't been a problem. I don't mind it as it appears to be a good tool to get kids out during that season. I have no desire for one myself and gone the other way and hung up the compound for a recurve; the only way I see buying one for myself is if I found myself in the OP's position. They don't have any more range than a compound and if you wanted to you could say the same thing about compounds with their releases and sights and even possibly in some cases magnifiers.
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    It is nice to go for hunting during cross bow season as you will get good scope of hunting. If you are beginner in this field it is good to take help of expert trainer to be perfect in crossbow.

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