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    Default Scoring question

    When I hear someone shot 16 up or 20 up or 10 up in a 3d event what does that mean? Thanks

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    Default Scoring

    Most of your 3d scoring has three rings, 12, 10, 8 then 5 if outside all rings, of course a miss being 0.

    If a person were to shoot all targets in the 10 ring that would be considered shooting even. i.e. 40 targets gives an even score of 400. Now if they had a couple of 12's in there that's another 4 points so they are 4 up. If a couple of 8's that would be 4 down.

    I don't really shoot ASA stuff but I think it's scored a bit differently because of the higher scored small ring. Hopefully someone can elaborate on that if needed.
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    Its scored just as you said in the ASA pro ams as well. They used to have a 14 ring but it has been taken out of play.
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    It took me a while to pick up on it but once you shoot a few 3d shoots you will pick up on it real quick

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