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Thread: new to archery

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    Default new to archery

    im about to buy a PSE compound bow ,but im not sure what kind of arrows to buy. My bow's draw weight is going to be set at 60 to 65 pounds and my draw length is 30".I dont understand the arrow size or the or the GPI, please help. I would like to know what kind of arrows to order because i want to be able to shoot right away.

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    Default Arrows

    In a nutshell, each bow can act different and the absolute best way to pick the right arrow is to shoot several and see what the bow likes. If you have a pro shop local they should be more than willing to help you with selection, if not, find another shop in my opinion. If no shop is available look over the arrow charts and see what is recommended for your setup.

    But in attempt an answer to your direct questions. There are several factors involved. Draw weight (which you covered), arrow length, tip weight and cams.

    The question of what to buy will get as many or more opinions as there are manufacturers of arrows. Most carbon arrows are going to be good arrows but as with anything, you can buy higher or lower grade arrows, it just depends on what you want to spend. I personally shoot Black Eagle arrows (I also sell them and other brands)

    GPI is grains per inch, that is the actual weight of the arrow measured as it states, by the inch. It's measured this way because arrow length does not always match draw length, in fact, it rarely matches. Manufacturers recommend certain arrow weights for the bows they make, the general rule of thumb is 5 GPI. The reason for this is that shooting too light an arrow can have the same affect as dry firing which can cause bad things to happen.

    Next thing to consider is spine, the spine is the stiffness of the arrow. Some makers will classify arrows by draw weight, other by actual deflection. Deflection classifications are getting more common. This is where it starts to get a bit confusing. A 60 lb. bow set at a 28" draw length may shoot an arrow that is 26" long depending on the rest used and could get by with an arrow rated for less than 60 lbs because the arrow is shorter, therefore, stiffer. However, the same bow with a different rest that makes the arrow longer, say actually 28", might require an arrow that is rated over 60 lbs because the longer arrow will be more flexible (less stiff).

    Now, the cams on the bow can also influence the shaft selection. A more radical cam may need a stiffer arrow where a mild or round cam bow can get by with a less stiff arrow.

    Feel free to email me and I will try to clarify anything I can.

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    A novice like yourself tackling a 60-65 # Compound may leave you unsatisfied with Archery. Go to a 40-50# compound and you won't need to sky draw, or blow your shoulder out!

    Just sayin..........
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