I have been producing and making strings since 2001, the strings I produce are of the highest quality and have the same time invested in each set, as my own strings for my own bows have.
No shoot in times when your strings arrive, press your bow, install your new strings...relax your press....then repress and install your peep....your string will NEVER move again.

No peep rotation
No stretch ever
These are the only strings that have a no shoot in time guarantee on the market today.
The strings actually do perform as advertised...

Single Color-----------------------------------------------$65.00 shipped
Two Color-------------------------------------------------$75.00 shipped
3 and 4 Color---------------------------------------------$89.00 shipped
Shoot thru systems--------------------------------------$110.00 shipped
Speed nocks----------------------------------------------$7
Systems with over 3 bowstring components--add-----$20
UPS overnight--------------------------------------------$40

95% of all string sets ship within one week of order USPS Priority mail
If you desire that your string is built on the same day as the order is placed
and then shipped, then their is a $12 charge.

All strings are guaranteed against peep rotation, stretch and serving separation. If any of this occurs the string set or components will be replaced immediately.

I want your business forever....this is a string company that produces quality....every time

We accept Paypal / jrenterprises@1791.com or any Credit Card by phone

907-378-1354 anytime

Any questions PM me here....