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    Default Target arrows and hunting arrows

    Whats the difference?

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    Target arrows are usually lighter, some like arrows like fatboys so they may catch the edge of the next scoring ring. Hunting arrows should be a little heavier to help with penetration. You'll see 3D arrows push the 5gr per lb (of draw weight) minimum, where hunting arrows should be more like 6.5-7gr per lb. (at least according to me! ) for compounds and more like 10gr per lb. for traditional set ups.
    My hunting arrows when I was using a compound were 6.5gr/lb., my traditional arrows are 10.8gr/lb. The light arrows give you more speed which for games like 3D where you have to estimate distance a speedy arrow will help with judging errors.
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    Lighter arrows like modern carbon types will give you more speed.
    Heavy arrows like wooden type which is best for traditional recurve bow can have more momentum.
    Heavier means 'it takes longer to come to a stop' which means 'deeper penetration' which means 'more bleeding'.
    For hunting, speed does not kill. Penetration kills.
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