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    Default New Prospective Archer Looking For Advice.

    Hi, Im currently very new to archery (I got a bow an older Darton 20MX Compound bow for My birthday) and I wanted some advice. It is an older bow, I was wondering if there would be any obstacles to using this one. It needs both a arrow rest, and sights, but Im a college student and dont want to go overboard. I am used to firearms, but this is my first compound bow. I had a few basic questions i was hoping you can help me out with.

    1. Do you need sights or can you shoot the bow like a re-curve?
    2. Do you need a release? I see most people using one. Is it necessary?
    3. Is there anything I absolutely need? Im willing to spend money but I don't have alot.

    I was basically wondering if there were any minimalist archers who didn't use all of the fancy gear? Most of it confuses me. If so can you please give me advice? I want to hopefully hunt by deer season. I know its a bit ambitious but I want to give it a shot.

    Thank you,
    Humble Student.
    P.S. I accidentally posted this under the wrong thread. I apologize.
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