3D Archery: Spare the expensive, and shoot what ya brung!

Barry O’Regan - May 25-2014

Perhaps many Novices on 3D Shoots may hesitate to shoot a 3D feeling their equipment may not be up to snuff. I would like to inform you of an incident which happened to me personally this month.

On May 17-18, I had the pleasure of shooting the Custer Sportsman Club 2 day 3D shoot in Custer Washington this month.

This 3D shoot is comprised of thirty 3D animal targets, set in a beautiful pasture-forest like setting.

This is a well attended event comprised of compound and traditional shooters alike enjoyed by American and Canadians alike a short drive South from the Peace Arch Canadian-US Border.

If you are ever in the North Pacific Washington area, the Custer,Washington 3D Shoot is a must shoot venue!


Due to an injury to my bow hand, I was incapable of shooting my usual 55# Recurve bow, though I could draw the bow back, upon release the resulting pain from the hand shock was excruciating.
I tried lower poundage Recurve Bows to no avail, the hand shock no matter how slight would still pinch the medial nerve between the webbing between my thumb and forefinger.

My doctor suggested I take the summer off from shooting. Yeah, like that was going to happen!

I found a bearable alternative, using a leather glove, usually reserved for longbow, which minimized the pain and allowed me to my 1974 Darton Classic Recurve: a low poundage #29 bow.
While my reservations using such a low poundage bow, to get a 20-40 meter distance, with some accuracy using Gold Tip Traditional 15-35 arrows weighing 410 grain was a sticking point, but my intent was to have fun. After all, isn’t that the point most archers strive for anyway?

I went to our club range to prepare for the upcoming 3D shoot to practice; my arrow groups at 20-40 meters were okay, but not phenomenal. My goal was to get at least an 8 inch group which were hit and miss, especially at 40 meters. My bow hand pain was a dull pinch, but at least bearable.

As I exhausted my own arrow supply, my friend Elisabeth was shooting her economy $4.00 each novice“Easton Jazz Lite” 1816 aluminum arrows, (30” with 4” shield cut feathers, 350 grain) I made for her.
Since Elisabeth had some arrows left over; I took 3 of them out of her quiver, and shot them. To my amazement, the three Jazz arrows flew like darts, and grouped within 3 inches at 20 meters. I was in archery Nirvana!

Successive shooting from 30-40 meters yielded similar groups consistently, with 5 inch groups at 30 meters, and 6-8 inch groups at 40 meters; a group I would normally get with my $13.00 Gold Tips, versus the Easton Jazz arrows at $4.00 each.

While I love my Gold Tips, I could not refute the accuracy and quality of the Easton Jazz aluminum arrows. An arrow normally reserved for the economy minded archer, both novice and mid level archer.

That weekend, I set out for Custer, Washington to their 3D tournament, and had a wonderful shoot, met great people, good times, competed on a challenging and fun 3D course and know I don’t need to put a Herculean effort drawing back a 55# Recurve, use pricey arrows to compete and to have fun!

In ending, using economically affordable, but great quality, Easton Jazz Aluminum Arrows:

Thanks Easton, Mind Effectively Blown!

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