Well, let me start by giving some quick background here. I run my own Custom Tuning Shop from the downstairs of my home. My wife is a wonderful woman who allowed me to finished a room in the downstairs to do custom tuning! IKR! Anyway, as a custom tuner I decided to use some of the most trusted string builders in the business as my suppliers. You will know their names as Twisted X, JBK, 60X, and Hogwire. Each of these builders I consider not only a supplier but also a friend. I trust their quality and attention to detail in every set they make.

That being said, I recently began speaking to Hutch (Bow String Depot) on here and discussing unrelated items. In these discussions I found something that is truly hard to come by these days, an individual that wants nothing less than customer satisfaction. This is a trait I hold dear to my heart as I will do everything in my power to go above and beyond for any customer. I decided to give Hutch a try and see exactly what his string sets were made of. The following is a true and accurate account of the testing I performed.

Upon arrival of the set ( which took less than a week), I noted the correct color combination as well as serving I requested. I was outfitting a Hoyt Vector Turbo with a new set in red/ black with a white pin stripe. The set was perfect in form and fit, and the servings appeared tight. I immediately installed them on the Vector Turbo and started with the tuning process. After ATA and cam timing/ sync were set (which if you have ever messed with a Vector Turbo you will know may NOT be what Hoyt recommends) I began the more "precise" tuning with paper, Modified Bears Tuning, and bareshaft. I was impressed to say the least. Rock solid, zero peep rotation, and dead on the shot performance.

After messing with the set for a week or so, I decided to send her off for some REAL testing. I have a close friend and Staff Shooter for my tuning shop (Jeremy) that shoots an extreme amount. He agreed to take the Vector Turbo and "Shoot the piss out of her!" as he says! Well, after another week or more of 200 shots average thru the set still no signs of wear, tear, or movement.

In closing Hutch is the real deal guys and gals, trust him to make your next set! I am in the process of sending him the dealer paperwork now so I can offer my customers his string sets for their bows! Thanks agin Hutch for making an incredible product, now if I could only get a free set for my Carbon Element G3, that would be BOMB!!! LOL